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Paradise awaits


Top reasons why living at bt365app rocks!

  • Save time 和 money … everything is within walking distance.
  • Enjoy traditional utilities, cable 和 free Wi-Fi.
  • Read and relax in scenic areas like lakeside hammocks 和 benches.
  • 全天候餐厅吃玛丽的厨房伟大的饭菜,并与织女或星巴克咖啡振作起来。
  • Take advantage of South Florida weather with free on-campus events.
  • 获得你需要大学毕业后,成为自给自足和独立的技能。
  • Residence halls

    Drew, bt365app student, shoots pool
    We're pretty spoiled with housing!
    Drew Hauber, class of 2021, Illinois, B.S. in sports management

    Housing FAQs


    Housing 和 Residence Life

    Phone number
    +1 561-237-7236

    +1 561-237-7240

    [email protected]

    Office hours
    Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.