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What’s the connection between politics and psychology? Science and media?

504 Gateway Time-out


Our college’s greatest strength is our diversity



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程序 学位 在bt365app 线上
Applied Sciences A.A.
Behavioral Sciences A.A.
生物学 理学士
Clinical Mental Health Counseling 多发性硬化症。
Criminal Justice 学士学位
Criminal Justice 学士学位
Criminal Justice 多发性硬化症。
戏剧 学士学位
戏剧 b.f.a.
Environmental Studies 理学士
Forensic Investigations 理学士
大量的美术作品 学士学位
Political Science 学士学位
心理学 理学士
心理学 理学士
心理学 多发性硬化症。
Public Administration m.p.a.
Undeclared major 理学士
Student sitting in class at Lynn University.


Expand your knowledge and complement your major. You can enhance your bachelor’s degree by adding a minor to your studies.
Karen Casey
I love teaching. I do! I’m a traditional academic, and I'm proud of it.
Karen Casey, College of Arts and Sciences, professor
Project Civitas
Promoting civility in politics and life.
You can be a part of promoting civility in the community. Take the civility pledge now.
Marcheta Wright, international relations

Marchéta Wright, professor of international relations

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