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Enroll in flight school and take your education to 30,000 feet—and beyond.

Dominic Liberta
The difference at Lynn is that students in our program get to do everything.
Dominic Liberta, assistant chief flight instructor


  • on campus
  • 线上
程序 学位 On campus 线上
Air Traffic Controller 理学士
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
Aviation A.A.
Aviation Management 理学士
Aviation Management 理学士
Aviation Management MBA
Aviation Operations 理学士
Aviation Security 理学士
Boeing B727 Familiarization Certificate
Certified Flight Instructor Certificate
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Instrument Pilot Rating Certificate
Private Pilot Certificate
Professional Pilot 理学士
Professional Pilot Certificate
Recurrent Flight Training Certificate
Jeff Johnson, dean, 学院 of Aeronautics
Jeffrey Johnson, 学院 of Aeronautics, dean
Planes at the 学院 of Aeronautics.

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC)

Detachment 155 website, or call 走ldbar Recruiter, 2d Lt Victoria Spare at +1 305-284-6053.

What's happening at Lynn

Roberta Rust, faculty member
Dog in a Lynn University sweater
If only I could go to Lynn University with my sister next year!! #gofightingknights
Madison Bierig, student
homemade cake
From the Lynn international piano studio of Roberta Rust 🎹
Roberta Rust, faculty member
Abigail Sears studying at home
Studying from the comforts of home.
Abigail Sears, student
iPad showing Chime screen with dog in the background
Love attending classes with my dog!
Lili Portman, student